Brokering Notes And The Key To Success With Your Cash Flow Notes Business

Marketing For Note Brokers

All businesses survive off of sales. Sales of their products or their service and brokering notes is no different. The more prospective leads you have, the larger the potential for closing the deal. If you are an old hand at the sales game, you’ve by now figured out sales is a game of numbers in more ways than one. For those of you new to the note brokering business, you will soon find prospecting is the key to your success.

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The word prospecting many times creates the frightening image of hours upon hours of dialing number after number cold calling and constant rejection. Fortunately it doesn’t have to be this way since cold calling seldom produces the results needed when you time can be better spent developing leads using better techniques in the cash flow notes business.

If you have just started in the note brokering business you probably don’t have a network in place. Advertising your services should be your first step. Although not as fruitful at producing results as an existing established network, you have to start somewhere if you are going to find cash flow notes. However, don’t be alarmed when the word advertising is suggested. With the advent of the Internet, advertising doesn’t need to cost a cent. There are thousands of websites in cyberspace which will allow you to place your advertisements and cash flow note listings and note brokering services.

Using websites such US Free Ads and Craig’s List are just a couple of places on the web you can list your note brokering business. There are even websites dedicated entirely to the cash flow notes business which allow note brokers to list their notes or solicit for business both free and fee based. So you can see, with a little imagination, you can quickly get your name and business in front of potential clients and customers.

Using local government court and property websites is an excellent way to find potential cash flow notes such as mortgage notes or real estate notes and structured settlements such as judgments awarded to lawsuit winners. The use of local city and county websites can greatly enhance your note brokering sales leads and increasing sales.

As you continue to prospect and utilize free services, your list of prospects for both buying and selling notes will increase. Which leads us to one of the most important prospect tools you can utilize in the note brokering and cash flow notes business. Networking is by far the most important sales tool you can develop as a note broker. Creating a network of like individuals within the cash flow notes business takes time and effort but is the key to long term success. Once you build your network you will find your prospecting efforts will soon decrease since you will have established yourself within the business and potential clients will be calling you for your services.

The beauty of an established note brokering network allows you go back to the same contacts many times for new referrals. What the network effectively does is eliminate the need for cold calling entirely and all your calls will be warm calls based on an established relationship or a referral based on a recommendation from someone you have established a relationship.
Prospecting is the key to your success in the note brokering and cash flow notes business. By committing yourself to the sales process of prospecting and building your networking, you will soon find you will have plenty of customers.

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