Sell My Note

Are you considering the sale of your note for lump sum cash? We can help you make an informed decision and guide you through the note selling process. Obviously you have reached a decision to “sell my note” so let us help you get the best quotes and price for your note. No matter if you are holding a private mortgage note, lottery winnings, a structured settlement, deed of trust, private land contract or any of the various types of notes, we have investors that purchase just about any kind of note. Below we have listed and outlined some of the different types of notes which can be sold for lump sum cash. Get free quotes here.

Mortgage Notes

Owner carry back mortgages are used within the real estate industry as a type of financing. The owner or seller can hold the note on a portion of the purchase price or he can carry the entire mortgage. In many cases buyers cannot get financing from lending institutions for the entire purchase price so the owner/seller offers to carry a portion of the mortgage. This benefits both the seller and buyer. It helps the buyer get a home and helps the owner sell the property.

If you need the monthly income generated by your owner held mortgage, then you should not sell but stay on top of the investment and remember, until the buyer pays off the mortgage you are owner and it is your investment. Another option available is to sell part of the mortgage notes for a predetermined amount of monthly payments. This works well for note holders that need a set amount of cash but do not want to give up their note entirely. Once the predetermined number of payments have been paid the payments revert a back to you.

Other types of notes in the real estate market that can be sold for lump sum payment are:

Land Contracts

Deed of Trust or Trust Deeds

Promissory Notes

Contract For Deed

Reasons To Sell My Note

- Free up cash tied up in the note for other investments

- Eliminate the aggravation associated with collecting monthly payments

- To reduce or payoff debt

- Pay college tuition for children

- Build a new home

- Buyer Default

- Inflation

These reasons are just a few and each note holder’s situation is different. However, if you have chosen to “sell my note”, we can help you find the best possible price.

Structured Settlements

Some of you visiting this website may have structured settlements. For those of you wanting to “sell my note“, structured settlements fall under the cash flow notes umbrella as well. Investors seek out structured settlements just as much as they do mortgage notes so you have an excellent chance of finding a buyer.

What are structured settlements? The structured settlement has been used as a form of compensation for years and is the most utilized form of compensation for people that have been injured on the job or hurt by other parties. Workmen compensation cases are one of the most common types of litigation which results in a structured settlement.

These types of settlements are intended to be paid in monthly installments over a set period of time rather than issuing one lump sum to the claimant. Because the awarded amount is structured to be paid out in installments over a set period of months until the balance is paid, the name is aptly known as a structured settlement. This payment structure benefits both parties because the claimant is assured of payments being made every month and the paying party does not have to come up with the entire amount all at once. They can also set the total amount aside in a interest bearing account and draw interest on the money over time to recoup some of the loss associated with paying the claimant.

In most cases the claimant is satisfied with the structured settlement and enjoys the boost in monthly income, especially so if they are unable to work as a result of the injury. However, financial situations change as do our wants and needs. Some claimants find they would be better served by collecting a lump sum in lieu of the structured settlement and opt to “sell my note”. This is where a note broker or note investor would come in handy. You may be asking why someone would want to buy my structured settlement?

Cash flow note investors buy notes as income streams to add to their portfolio. Note brokers bring note sellers and note buyers together not unlike a real estate agent. The note investor is not going to pay you the full face amount on the structured settlement. He will offer you a lump sum amount based on the value of the structured settlement less a discount. The discount has a two fold reason for being a part of the transaction.

The investor is assuming the risk of holding the note until the balance is paid. Defaults do happen and there is inherent risk associated with holding any note. The investor is also tying up money in the structured settlement over a long period of time. So both risk and time are associated with the discount and the added inflation factor. If you want to sell my note, you should first consider the differences between having a reduced lump sum amount and the guarantee of steady monthly income over time. Get your free structured settlement quote here.