Selling A Structured Settlement To A Cash Flow Notes Investor

Cash Flow Note Brokers And Notes Investor Answers

Doubled edged swords come in many forms and structured settlements can fit very well into this description as many structured settlement holders would agree. Although they are designed to pay out a certain amount each and every month, in many cases the structured settlement holder needs more money than what is allotted in the monthly payment. In these instances, structured settlement holders may choose to sell their remaining payments to a cash flow notes investor, or utilize the services of a cash flow note broker to locate a suitable note investor to purchase their structured settlement.

If you are considering selling your structured settlement in return for a lump sum payout of cash, there are some important details to consider. First and foremost, it is up to you as the note holder (structured settlement owner) to do as much research as possible until you have a complete understanding of the note selling process. You don’t need to be an expert, however it is advised that you the very least educate yourself so you will have a basic knowledge of the cash for structured settlements business and how it operates.

Seeking the advice of a financial advisor is strongly suggested. Your accountant or financial advisor are acceptable choices since the chances are very good they have experience in advising other clients about their structured settlements. The possibility also exist that they may even know individual private cash flow note investors which could be suitable note buyers to purchase your structured settlement. Note investors as well as note brokers already know the power of networking in the cash flow notes business and most likely have many accountants and financial advisers in their own networks which send them steady streams of business. Also your attorney is an acceptable source to consult before deciding to sell your structured settlement.

Once you have located either a suitable cash notes broker or a note investor, you should first ask for and be freely given a list of references. Current and former clients are the best sources of information. Also, when the term note investor is used in this article it refers to both individual private note investors and firms which buy structured settlements. There are an abundance of both individuals and firms which specialize in buying structured settlements within the cash flow notes industry.

A reputable note broker will insist on explaining every detail of the cash for structured settlements process to you so a complete understanding of the transaction is not in question. Once you have chosen a note broker on note investor, be prepared to provide detailed information about your structured settlement to the broker or investor. They will need this information to ascertain the guarantee on remaining payments owed to you. You will also need to know how much you expect in return for selling your structured settlement. Structured settlement holders choose to sell for various reasons with most selling for reasons of meeting obligations such as paying off debt, medical problems, college or in some cases to expand a business.

Whatever the case may be, it is important that you understand the whole cash for structured settlement process before committing to any broker or note investor. As with anything which involves money, there will be unscrupulous characters unfortunately in the mix. Due diligence on your part as the note holder will most certainly result in you receiving a fair price for you structured settlement from a cash flow notes investor.


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Finding structured settlements is not always easy. I recently just did cash for payments and it worked out wonderful!